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Blue Guardian Pools offers all services to clean and keep up your pool keeping it crystal clear all year long. We can ensure your pool’s Ph’s levels meet guidelines and that your pool is kept in immaculate condition protecting your investment and making your time swimming more enjoyable. We utilize the best pool cleaning tools around to ensure will enjoy you plunge into your refreshing pool away from the summers heat. Likewise, Blue Guardian, maintains all of your pumps, filters and surfacing keeping a close eye catching problems before they become costly expenses.

We’ll make a point to utilize the correct amount of chemicals so it keeps the water clean and your swimmers safe. Our chlorine levels will rid the pool of any microbes in the water without hurting the swimmers.

Inquire today about all of our services as we also do shock treatments, emergency calls and pool repairs.

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Weekly Pool Cleaning Task include:

Check Filter

Check the Balance of Water Chemistry

Skim Off Leaves and Debris

Brush the Pool Walls

Check the water circulation

Check over Pool Pump and timers

Don’t let your pool get green you can ruin your filters and Pumps fast!

Do hesitate to call we have free on site consultations; We will come to your pool and answer any questions you may have about your pool, spa, or pump equipment.

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“Dan and stephanie have done a great job with our pool, professional service I can recomend them to who ever is need of a reliable pool man “

Fred Turner

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Blue Guardian Pool Service is passionate about our customers.  We offer our customers unmatched pool cleaning, maintenance and repair throughout our service areas We are family owned and operated, with customer service as our number one priority.